Monday, July 30, 2007

July 24-29, 2007 Middle Fork Trip

Small groups on the Middle Fork can be rewarded with incredible camps that are not normally used because of space issues. This last week, our group of nine (including guides Jo, Will, and Skip) had the opportunity to camp at some great small-site camps. Our last two nights were spent below Big Creek deep within Impassable Canyon. Our group size allowed us the flexibility to essentially do whatever it was we wished. This meant kayaking adventures down Loon Creek and Big Creek, fishing up Big Creek, lots of hikes, and lots of relaxing time. To put it simply, it was another great week on the river with great folks and new memories.

Night 1: Upper Jackass
Night 2: Cow Camp
Night 3: Trail
Night 4: Big Pine
Night 5: Solitude

Here are a few shots from the trip, I hope you all enjoy them:

View from the White Creek Pack Bridge (day 2):

Fishing Big Creek:

Bull Snake at Veil Falls:

Camping at Big Pine:

Daniel, morning of day 5:

James gets a darn sucker fish:

Glen kayaking Haystack Rapid:

Holli and James, day 1:

James kayaking through Haystack:

Joan seeking the big trout:

Joan and Glen on the scramble up to Veil Falls:

Kayaking below Waterfall Creek Rapid:

Chris and his favorite boat:

Chris and Daniel kayaking Big Creek:

Hiking the kayaks up Loon Creek:

Night 5, Skip versus Will, Elephant Croquet:

Skip, waking up on the morning of day 5:

Tappan Falls, day 3:

Thanks everyone for a great trip!

-Will V, Jo S, and Skip V

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