Monday, July 30, 2007

A note about this blog...

Pictures are normally worth a thousand words. On the Middle Fork, forget all about that saying because you could not describe the beauty of this place if given an infinite word count. Throughout the course of this summer I have been trying to capture the essence of our trips: the character of our incredible guides, the amazing people we take down the river, the families and groups that find true bonding along its banks, and, of course, the river itself - its canyon, crystal clear water, and mind boggling scenery.

Although it may be impossible to capture exactly what the canyon feels like or what emotions run through ones body as they paddle through Impassable Canyon, you can get darn close. Many of you who have joined us this summer have sent me pictures and notes from the trips you were on. I'm hoping to post them on this blog when I get the chance to browse through them (probably when the season slows down in September). For those of you who have left comments, thank you so much. It is incredibly rewarding to see that folks are enjoying the photos and videos.

I am looking for a short story written by one of our customers about their experience on the Middle Fork. It could be about a particular moment, a new friendship, or the whole trip in general. If you think you've got a good story, send it in my direction via email to I hope all of you are having a great summer and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on the river again sometime soon.

Best Regards,
Will Volpert


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