Monday, August 6, 2007

August 1-6, 2007 Middle Fork Trip

Another great trip on the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Good fishing, cool temperatures, and fun water made the experience great. With the addition of spectacular people and conversation, this weeks trip will certainly be memorable. Stories were certainly the theme of this trip, from Trevor and Bill's wild (yet perhaps believable) tales from the oceans to the infamous story of Charlie Norton, the stories from this trip helped create a strong bond between trip participants and friendships that won't soon be forgotten. Thank you all for the great trip, it truly was memorable.

Your guides:
Tom Tremain
Jo Schroeder
Julie Guthrie
Beth Carlson
Will Volpert
Matt Volpert
Skip Volpert

Day 1: Stateland Right
Day 2: Shelf
Day 3: Funston
Day 4: Driftwood
Day 5: Cliffside

Mike and Chris hanging out at Driftwood camp, day 4:

Edward finds his true passion - the River Box Game:

Julien prepares himself for the big rapids:

The "A" cook crew:

Billy kayaking at Driftwood, day 4:

Box game, day 4:

Tommy T at Waterfall Creek:

Brother and sister relaxing time:

The group continues downstream after the Flying "B":

Our guide, Edward, demonstrates proper rowing technique:

Joan, Richard, and Julie hang out just a few bends from the confluence:

It's a full boat - Edward, Julien, Will, and Jo head back to camp:

Relaxing at camp:

Long-time river guide Julie G finds time to flash a smile:

Floating on downstream:

Mike and Edward slaying the fish:

"A-team" paddle crew:

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Matt Volpert said...

Great trip! It was nice to get to know all of you, play river games, go surfing-everything was too much fun.