Thursday, August 7, 2008

A few more shots...

John B., who rowed a boat on the June 21st, 2008 Middle Fork trip, recently sent in a few photos to post on our blog. Thanks for sending the shots! If you have photos or video of your own that you'd like posted, feel free to send them to IRJ. E-mail

Here are John's photos:

August 1-6, 2008 Middle Fork Trip

This last week on the Middle Fork of the Salmon was absolutely spectacular. With the water holding we went off "the top" for the last time of the season and did the rock dodging dance with little mayhem. Cove Creek, the big "new" rapid and one of three big blowouts from two weeks ago, was exciting and fun. Thanks everyone for the awesome trip, we're looking forward to floating more rivers with you in the future.

Your guides:
Tom T.
Matt V.
Andrew W.
Jason F.
Erin S.
Will V.
Mike O'M.

Your camps:
Day 1: Lake Creek
Day 2: Upper Jackass
Day 3: Lower Grouse
Day 4: Survey
Day 5: Parrot Placer

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Changing Currents

Updated: September 1, 2008
On our August 25, 2008 Middle Fork trip, we did a 3-day deadhead from Indian Creek to Bernard Creek. On our second day, we got to Cove Creek early to catch some footage of other boaters coming through. Here's the video we came up with:

From the past post:
Cove Creek, a "new" rapid on the Middle Fork, has provided an interesting twist on the Middle Fork. Check out the video of a few of our runs: