Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Salmon and Rogue River Websites

Check out these new river related websites that the team at Idaho & Oregon River Journeys has launched during the past week.

Salmon River Trips - : Information about river rafting trips on Idaho's Main Salmon river with Idaho River Journeys.

Rogue River Hiking - : Information about Rogue River hiking trips on the Rogue River trail with Rogue River Journeys.

Rogue River Camping - : Information about Rogue River camping in Southern Oregon.

Monday, May 23, 2011

April Survey Results

In April we conducted a survey that asked past guests and other email contacts what they thought about our trips. We had 270 responses. Here is a summary of what folks told us.

Of those who had taken a trip with IRJ, 77% thought our vacations were about the same price as similar trips, 9% said more expensive, 13% said less expensive. 75% said that their trip with IRJ was better than most other vacations they'd taken, and 20% said it was the best ever. 4% said it was the same as most other vacations. 80% said they'd recommend our trips to friends.

The most common obstacle people voiced about taking a trip with us was the cost and logistics of getting here. People who had never taken a trip were more likely to be deterred by the price of the trip itself although most felt the trips were fairly priced.

Trip elements, other than boating, most enjoyed by guests were campfires, waterfall stops, hiking, hot spring visits, interpretive talks, wine tasting, spending time with family. Some thought we should do more camp games; some thought fewer. Some wanted showers, some said showers weren’t too important. Our food and customer service was solidly rated “A” (Thanks).

Suggested improvements were to provide seats with back support for use in oar boats. Have healthier food options for health conscious individuals. Fewer onions. More beer. A better system of rotating use of the kayaks.

Toilets always get comments. 81% of people want the toilets in a secluded spot but out in the open air.

Here is what we are going to do:

1. Purchase seats with back support for our oar boats. Already done.
Make discounted seats available to guests who book small groups of 6 or more. We need more guests and you need discount opportunities.
Improve access to showers. We always have Sun Showers on our trips but we’re looking for a better system. Most of our trips are in wilderness areas where mechanical devices like battery powered pumps for showers are not allowed.
Take a look at travel options to our meeting place and come up with travel suggestions.
Offer some new menu items. Probably won’t change the onion and beer amounts.
6. Review the survey with our crew at our June 18th pre-season meeting and make sure we are doing the things guests want on a trip.

If you completed the survey, you may have won a prize. You will be notified by email. If you expressed interest in taking a trip, we’re sending you follow-up materials. Thank you for participating and helping us make rafting with Idaho River Journeys the best vacation possible.

If you didn’t take the survey, and want to offer comments please email them to us.