Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rogue River Rafting: Row-your-own

Our October 10th Rogue River trip was wonderful. We ran it as a "row-your-own" rafting trip and had folks from all over western Oregon join us. The mix of experience, ages, boats, and folks made this trip an absolute blast.

With us were:
Dan and Jared from Portland, OR
Emilie, Nick, and Erin from Ashland, OR (Go SOU Whitewater Club!)
Dana and Will from Beaverton, OR
Ryan, Danielle, and Paul from Molalla, OR (Check out Ryan's kayaking blog)
Scott from Grants Pass, OR
Martina from Austria (Portland on a study abroad)

Here's a short video clip put together by the SOU Whitewater Club... Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

August 20th, 2008 Rogue River Trip

Our August 20th Rogue River Trip was a designated kayak school taught by DeRiemer Kayaking. In 2009 we are offering the same kayaking trip on August 12th and August 26th. Here are a few photos from our 2008 DeRiemer Kayaking Trip:

Saturday, September 27, 2008

America Outdoors on the Rogue

Our September 25th Rogue trip was a trip designed specifically for America Outdoors members. We took three days from Grave Creek to Foster Bar. Our first night was spent at Horseshoe Bend and our second night was at Paradise Lodge.

What made this trip different was that it consisted of only outfitters and guides who had signed up for the trip at last years America Outdoors fundraiser. The mix of different rivers each outfitter offers trips on, geographic regions, and young and old outfitters was astounding. The group consisted of the following:

• Steve Welch with A.R.T.A.
• Dick and Suzy Linford with Echo
• George Wendt and Steve Markel with O.A.R.S.
• Devon Parsons and Kelly Bulkley with Kokopelli Rafting Adventures
• Gary Staab with Adirondack River Adventures
• Andrew Pratt and Susan Howie with Inside-Out Experience
• Bob and Will Volpert with Idaho and Oregon River Journeys

The America Outdoors crew (from left to right):
Devon, Kelly, Andrew, Susan, Bob, Will, George,
Steve, Gary, Dick, Suzy, and Steve. (Click to enlarge)

Dick and Suzy floating down the
Rogue River (Click to enlarge):

George, Dick, Steve, and Bob hanging out
at Paradise Lodge
(Click to enlarge):

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2009 Schedules are out...

Our trip schedules for the 2009 summer are out and available for viewing online. Now is the time to book your rafting vacation. Our rates will increase in 2009 but if you book before New Years, we can still offer our 2008 rates. So, book now and -- not only save ($$) -- but secure your spot on one of America's premier rivers.

• The schedule for Rogue River Rafting trips is available here.

• The Middle Fork and Main Salmon Rafting trip schedule is available here.

Hope to see you on the river!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flowers of the Rogue River

The lush forest of the Rogue River provides a home for many flowers. On our June trips, not only is Rogue River rafting at its most exciting level (due to high water in June), but gorgeous flowers can be seen around every river bend. With side creeks and waterfalls cascading into the river, another rapids roar around the next bend, and beautiful flowers surrounding you - it's easy to see why rafting the Rogue River is considered one of the worlds finest multi-day river adventures.

To book your Rogue trip for 2009, call Jim Ritter at 1-866-213-7754

A short sampling of some of the flowers within the Rogue canyon:

A Blast from the Past...

Jo Schroeder, an IRJ guide of over 10 years, on her first rafting trip at seven-years-old:

Sunday, September 7, 2008

August 25, 2008 Middle Fork of the Salmon

Thanks for the great Middle Fork trip! This was a slightly different Middle Fork of the Salmon trip because we launched from Bernard Creek and did a 3-day out to Cache Bar. The Middle Fork of the Salmon has been good to everyone all summer, but sadly this was our list trip down for the year.

Night 1: Fly Camp
Night 2: Lightning Strike

On our way down to Fly, we stopped at Little Pine and hiked up the Little Pine ridge to see a spectacular view. The next day truly was "Canyon Appreciation Day" on the Middle Fork as we stopped at Waterfall Creek and Veil Falls to witness the impressive drops.

Jo S.
Will V.
Beau L.
Skip V.

Thanks for joining us on the Middle Fork of the Salmon!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Awesome iPhone Application : RiverGuide

Where rivers and phones meet.

Most people don't associate river trips with cell phones, but that may soon change. Don't worry though, you won't find us chatting up a storm around a campfire on the Middle Fork. Instead, your phone can be used as a tool to help find the rivers or creeks with the right flows in your area. No more guessing on the drive in, no more poring over topomaps, and no more pulling into a Best Western parking lot with your laptop hoping to pick up a few lines of wireless. With RiverGuides, all you need is your iPhone and cell service.

To demonstrate the convenience and importance of an application like RiverGuide, all
ow me to take you to November of 2007; Selma, Oregon.

A group of Idaho and Oregon River Journeys guides were preparing for a 3-day Illinois
river trip at the Rogue River Journeys guide house. It was a Thursday night and flows looked low (740 CFS). The trouble, however, was that the rain drops were starting to fall and, having no laptop or internet connection, we were on our own to guess at the flow. The Illinois is notorious for flash flooding, so we were right to be concerned.

Nevertheless, we didn't want to pull the plug on the trip until we were certain of the flow. At 2:00 AM, Chip Carroll and Ursula Melvin, both long-time IORJ and Kern River Outfitters guides, arrived from Portland, OR. Chip brought in his newly purchased iPhone and the rest of us stood around him like he was a campfire, gawking and pointing as he used the iPhone to download the Illinois river gauge and project the additional cubic-feet-per-second (CFS) per hour. Only 1400 CFS and rising slightly reported the iPhone. We relaxed and went to sleep, thinking we were good to go.

We awoke three hours later to a huge downpour. Checking the iPhone (we were getting good at this by now!), we found that the river was now at 2800 and rising fast, between 400 and 600 CFS every hour. If we were going to see the Illinois we would have to leave immediately and get downstream of the dreaded Green Wall rapid (mile 18) before the flows increased further. So much for a 3-day trip, this was going to have to be a fast one. We loaded up, drove to the put-in and got on the water.

By the time we got on the river, flows were between 3500 and 4000 CFS at the gauge (Kerby, OR). We pushed on downstream and experienced an amazing river and canyon full of water, big rapids, and jaw-dropping scenery. Relaxing around camp next to a fire, we realized what an important tool Chip's phone had been for us. Without it, we may have canceled or, worse, the flows could have been increasing more than we expected and we may have put on anyway, not realizing the danger.

Scouting Green Wall, Illinois River. November 17, 2007:

At the time of this trip, the application RiverGuide had yet to be developed. From this experience, however, one can see the importance of such a tool. We were able to use the iPhone's web-browsing capabilities but it would have been more convenient to have had a tool like RiverGuide.

The trip went well. There was big water but we weren't over our heads. And, heck, it beat the hell out of staying home for the weekend. So, the next time you go boating you can leave most things at home... but don't forget your iPhone with the RiverGuide application.

For photos and video from this epic trip, you can view the trip report:
Oregon Rafting : The Illinois River, November 17-18, 2008

For more information about this iPhone Application:

Written by Will Volpert

Monday, September 1, 2008

IRJ Team Member: Erin Smith

If you floated the Middle Fork or Main Salmon with us this summer, chances are you had the opportunity to boat with Erin Smith. This was Erin's first year at IRJ and we are looking forward to having him back with us next year. Along with his enthusiasm, charm, and strong-work ethic, Erin brought 10 years of guiding experience which he gained on rivers throughout the west- from California, Oregon, Washington and other areas of Idaho.

During the off-season he is a history teacher in Washington and will soon be hitting the coastal rivers for some winter boating. Thanks for the great season Erin, it was a pleasure boating with you!

(Click the image below to enlarge)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A few more shots...

John B., who rowed a boat on the June 21st, 2008 Middle Fork trip, recently sent in a few photos to post on our blog. Thanks for sending the shots! If you have photos or video of your own that you'd like posted, feel free to send them to IRJ. E-mail will@idahoriverjourneys.com.

Here are John's photos:

August 1-6, 2008 Middle Fork Trip

This last week on the Middle Fork of the Salmon was absolutely spectacular. With the water holding we went off "the top" for the last time of the season and did the rock dodging dance with little mayhem. Cove Creek, the big "new" rapid and one of three big blowouts from two weeks ago, was exciting and fun. Thanks everyone for the awesome trip, we're looking forward to floating more rivers with you in the future.

Your guides:
Tom T.
Matt V.
Andrew W.
Jason F.
Erin S.
Will V.
Mike O'M.

Your camps:
Day 1: Lake Creek
Day 2: Upper Jackass
Day 3: Lower Grouse
Day 4: Survey
Day 5: Parrot Placer