Saturday, July 21, 2007

July 16-21, 2007 Middle Fork Trip

Just another excellent week on the river with good friends and lots of fresh memories. It was our first trip this season launching from Indian Creek and immediately we got into the kayak and whitewater action. The trip was punctuated midway with a spectacular thunder storm that lit up the canyon and brought everyone huddled together underneath our rain tarps. The skies cleared during the night and, as Charlie Norton ("a man of nerve!") would say, "and all was lovely again..."

Our Camps:
Day 1: Stateland Right
Day 2: White Creek
Day 3: Johnny Walker
Day 4: Wollard
Day 5: Cliffside

Jimmy Butts
Beth Carlson
Will Volpert
John Bohach
Matt Volpert
Skip Volpert
Andrew Wilkin

Sharon and Mike during the first day on the river:

Brownies along the banks of the Middle Fork:

Made it through upright:

The happy dish crew on night five:

Graham practicing his fish slaying:

Jimmy at Cameron Creek (pictograph site:

Jordan at the helm:

Ken, dry, before his two swims:

Pulling over for lunch the first day at Little Soldier Creek:

Marble Creek Rapid, day 1:

Matt's paddle crew, day 3:

Will's paddle crew, day 3:

All smiles:

Skip and Mitch, displaying excellent technique in the surf wave at Wollard:

The view back upstream from Survey Point:

Looking down at Wollard:

Thanks for the great trip!


Matt said...

Thanks for an amazing trip! The picture of Skip and Mitch is hilarious.

Justen Altaras said...

All the pictures are great. Thanx for the amazing trip and experiences.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all the pics and comments. What a great trip. If anyone ever comes to Texas......

Mitch Stickney said...

thank you so much everyone for this great experience and the picture of skeeeeep and I was very funny.I learned alot. storys from will, card games from jimmy, wheelies from matt, and surfing from skeeeeep.

Skip Volpert said...

awesome trip! Couldn't have asked for better weather and great people.