Friday, June 27, 2008

June 21-26, 2008 Middle Fork of the Salmon

With great flows and warm temperatures, this Middle Fork trip was downright wonderful. Mix in some great families and friends and - bingo - we had ourselves the perfect Middle Fork trip. Thank you to all who joined us last week. We had an absolute ball and can't wait to see your faces on the river again.

Some highlights:
1) Who could forget the "animal" paddling (and swim above Devil's Tooth)?
2) Patches-o-Hooligan the bear visited us again and brought some cubs as well.
3) The Little Pine hike was incredible.
4) A boat floated by upside down as we ate lunch on our first day just below Velvet :)
5) John and J.T. ran the Middle Fork for the first time and without looking at anything.
6) Cutthroat Cove had some HUGE waves.
7) David gently slayed and released fish at Wilson Creek.
8) Peter was an absolute champ at River Shuffle Board.
9) The Thai Bistro Salad was "to die for."
10) We were inundated with lovely pranks on night five (tents collapsing, tents gone missing, rubber chicken dutch oven, etc.).

Guides and Trainees:
Tom, Erin, Will, Andrew, Matt V, and Matt B

Night 1: Scout
Night 2: State Land Left
Night 3: Johnny Walker
Night 4: Wilson Creek
Night 5: Stoddard Creek

Here's a video:

Here are some pictures (click them to enlarge):


Anonymous said...

Will and the gang-
Thanks for a great trip! I especially appreciated increasing my reportoire of "river games" and being able to follow masters down the river. Hopefully we will all get to spend some more time on the water together in the future.

Salmon Guy said...

Will, Guides, and All of our Friends,
We all thoroughly enjoyed the river trip. Re-entering the working world was very difficult. I kept wanting to return to Stanley, the mountains of Idaho, and to get back on the river.
Now, some five weeks later, I'm back into my work, but also looking forward to going to a family music camp.
I hope all is well with everyone else. I'll send Will some photos for posting.