Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 12-17, 2008 Middle-Main Combo Trip

Each year we hope to have high flows and good weather for our June 12th Middle-Main combo trip. In six days we float roughly 190 miles, an average of 31 miles per day. This year, the Middle Fork gauge was at 4.72 feet when we arrived at Boundary Creek - essentially the perfect flow. We spent three nights on the Middle Fork and two on the Main Salmon before reaching Carey Creek for the take-out.

George has been on every combo trip we've ever done since the late 70's and recently he has referred to each trip as the "final" or "final-final." This trip was the "final-final-final" but we suspect there may be one more around the corner.

Night 1: Dolly Lake
Night 2: Trail
Night 3: Cradle
Night 4: Lower Cory
Night 5: Warren Cr.

Guides and Trainees:
Tom, Will, Andy, Erin, Matt, Jason, Bryan, and Matt

Looking up Big Creek
Bill enjoying lunch at Big Creek

Don, Bob, and Tom

Bob grabbing some dutch-oven breakfast, day 2

Don scoping out the scene

George tests out the oars

Gil and Sam, morning of day 6

Janet and Patrick at Warren Cr.

The IRJ crew
Jason getting ready for a day on the water

Monte ready to slay fish

Stanley, ID. The day before the trip

Tommy T's big water sun glasses

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