Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Julie and Beau - Tying the Knot!

Julie Guthrie and Beau Larkin are tying the knot! Julie has been an Idaho River Journeys guide since 2002 and Beau guides for Rogue River Journeys and has also run a trip on the Main Salmon with IRJ.

After five wonderful years of friendship and two memorable years of courtship the couple will be married this June in Montana. Julie and Beau met in a University of Montana program that focused on American land and resource use and how to strengthen the communities we live in. As the two of them explored these ideas, it brought them closer together as they learned and shared. Three years of close friendship followed and their time was filled with hiking, boating, plant and bird spotting, and music appreciation.

Several years back, however, things took a turn as they decided their friendship had some real relationship potential. Beau popped the question at a beautiful dinner last May just before Julie left for guiding season. It was a long summer apart with a happy reunion in August full of excitement as the two started planning their wedding.

The ceremony will take place nestled in the foothills of the Mission Mountains overlooking Flathead Lake, a beautiful place that is special to both of them.

The couple plans to honeymoon at Chico Hot Springs and float the Flathead River. Beau will then go work another season on the Rogue while Julie takes her first year in seven years off from guiding and focuses on her new career as a nurse.

From all of Idaho River Journeys, congratulations to Julie and Beau!


Will Volpert said...

Congratulations guys, you both rock! If you end up with a big family, I think I know of a GREAT family vacation for you :)

Anonymous said...

Hey congrats you two! You're so cute!