Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rogue River Rafting: Row-your-own

Our October 10th Rogue River trip was wonderful. We ran it as a "row-your-own" rafting trip and had folks from all over western Oregon join us. The mix of experience, ages, boats, and folks made this trip an absolute blast.

With us were:
Dan and Jared from Portland, OR
Emilie, Nick, and Erin from Ashland, OR (Go SOU Whitewater Club!)
Dana and Will from Beaverton, OR
Ryan, Danielle, and Paul from Molalla, OR (Check out Ryan's kayaking blog)
Scott from Grants Pass, OR
Martina from Austria (Portland on a study abroad)

Here's a short video clip put together by the SOU Whitewater Club... Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

This trip was a blast...such a great time with great people! Thanks Will for organizing it!!