Sunday, September 7, 2008

August 25, 2008 Middle Fork of the Salmon

Thanks for the great Middle Fork trip! This was a slightly different Middle Fork of the Salmon trip because we launched from Bernard Creek and did a 3-day out to Cache Bar. The Middle Fork of the Salmon has been good to everyone all summer, but sadly this was our list trip down for the year.

Night 1: Fly Camp
Night 2: Lightning Strike

On our way down to Fly, we stopped at Little Pine and hiked up the Little Pine ridge to see a spectacular view. The next day truly was "Canyon Appreciation Day" on the Middle Fork as we stopped at Waterfall Creek and Veil Falls to witness the impressive drops.

Jo S.
Will V.
Beau L.
Skip V.

Thanks for joining us on the Middle Fork of the Salmon!

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