Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eddy Out: Sheepeater Hot Springs on the Middle Fork of the Salmon

Sheepeater Hot Springs, mile 13.1, is a series of hot pools on a high bench on river-left. The hot water bubbles out of the ground and as it makes its way from pool to pool the temperature of the water cools down. The various temperatures of the pools allow everyone to find a comfortable place to soak.

The large bench is popular amongst deer, elk, big horn sheep, and mountain goats. The minerals that are brought up by the hot springs makes the area attractive to wildlife. A few logs are all that remain of an enclosed cabin that was built by Jack Crane around 1911. Crane was a foreman at the Bingham Canyon copper mine in Utah but also had claims at Sheepeater.

This popular hot spring is normally accessed by groups camped in nearby areas. Some of the most popular camps to access this hot spring are: Sheepeater Upper, Sheepeater Lower, Scout, Joe Bump, and Fire Island. The Middle Fork trail runs right next to the hot springs so hiking to and from these river-left camps is relatively easy.

Photo by Tysun McMullan.

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