Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Eddy Out: Paradise Lodge on the Rogue River

Paradise Lodge, 20 miles downstream of Grave Creek, is where we often spend our last night on the river. High above the river, the deck offers beautiful views looking downstream and upstream.

The lodge itself is rich in history. The land was first developed in 1903 by Charlie Pettinger. It was in such a remote location that, with exception to the mail man, very few outsiders ever visited. Even today there is no road into this remote area. The main lodge was constructed in 1959 by Deak and Louise Miller. The current owners, the Schleining family, are the fourth owners of this beautiful piece of land.

With a ceiling overhead, a fresh shower, and a bed to crawl into you'll be happy to stop at Paradise. Enjoy relaxing on the deck for hors-doevres and wine, taking a stroll on the Rogue River trail, or simply take in the views. At Paradise, "there are no strangers here, just friends we haven't met."

If you're interested in spending a night at Paradise Lodge, take a look at our schedule page for our "camp/lodge" trips. These are trips where we spend the first night or two camped along the river and then our final night at the lodge. They are our most popular trips and are the best way to see a little bit of everything the Rogue River has to offer.

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