Monday, January 19, 2009

Family Rafting Trips

People ask us all the time: "is this trip suitable for my child?" There are a lot of factors that turn ordinary rafting experiences into perfect family rafting trips. The first thing to understand is that there are a huge variety in river trips in regard to difficulty, season, length, and outfitters.

As snow piles high in the Sawtooth mountain range, it is easy to see why the Middle Fork and Main Salmon have such huge fluctuations in flow (which is generally measured in CFS: Cubic Feet per Second). In the late spring, when temperatures rise and snow begins to melt, the Middle Fork and Main Salmon typically reach their high points for the year. They tend to spike quickly and fall to reasonable levels within a week, sometimes within days. Soon after, our Middle Fork and Main Salmon seasons begin.

Our first trip of the year is generally June 3rd, and features the highest water of the season. Generally speaking, from here on out the flow will continue to decrease. What this means for families is that the further you go into the summer, the rapids become less intense. This does not mean they are any less fun or difficult: sometimes they become a technical maze of boulders and you'll have fun weaving your way through. But, the intensity level does drop out, making these trips more suitable for youngsters.

Weather also plays a part in your decision to bring your children rafting. In our early June trips and late August trips, temperatures tend to be a lot lower (particularly at night and in the mornings) than on our July and early August trips. Water temperature also is significantly cooler during our "shoulder-season" trips.

When it comes to outfitters for your family rafting trip, make sure you choose one with a history and reputation for family rafting trips. Some outfitters solely run fishing trips, others don't allow their guides to mingle with customers, and some run adult-only trips.

At Idaho & Oregon River Journeys, our business was built with family in mind. Our guides are wonderful role models for your children and they will enjoy spending time with them. We are an energetic bunch, always ready to explore, hike, tell stories, and simply enjoy the river passing by. We are safety conscious and love sharing our world with our customers.

If you have questions regarding your family rafting trip, please give us a call at 1-888-997-8399.

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