Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 6 - 11, 2008 Main Salmon River Trip

The Salmon was flowing at 23,000 CFS (Whitebird) when we launched on July 6th. With high flows, this Main Salmon trip featured relaxing "sleep ins" and big water. Our first night was spent at Lower Devil's Teeth. The next day we spent some time soaking at Barth Hotsprings before finding home at Bruin. That evening a few of us boated a paddle boat across the river and then hiked to the top of a cliff.

On our third day we ran the big stuff. Bailey, Five-Mile, Split Rock, Big Mallard, Elk Horn, and Growler were the main highlights. We camped at Paine Bar. The following morning we all slept in and got on the water just before noon. We visited Buckskin Bill's before eating lunch at Cove Camp, just below the South Fork confluence. Later, we pulled into Warren Creek for camp where the wine poured freely and a few kayakers explored Warren Creek. Our fifth day on the river found us hiking Indian Creek and then battling the wind on the way to Maxwell. The highlight of Maxwell was the boat slide and kayak surfing.

Thank you all for an excellent trip on the river. It was an absolute blast floating with each one of you and swapping river stories. We hope to see you on the river again!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome trip for the whole family!! We're just now home and going through our pictures.
I hope you have more to post. I know Will has one that I'm just "dying" to see from Warren Creek. He knows the one. ;)

Again - What an awesome trip. We're already talking about next season. Thanks to all of the wonderful crew for a spactacular time.

Cheers -
The 4 McWs. J,D,B & M

"Who's up for another Manhattan ?!"

Anonymous said...

Oops... make that a "Spectacular" time.

Let's go rafting! said...


I just posted a few more for you including the soon-to-be-famous Warren Creek photo. Thanks for the comment, I hope to see you and your family on the river again!