Friday, February 9, 2007

Do you have a menu idea?

In planning our menu, our goal is to serve meals that enhance your rafting vacation. The meals we serve are hearty, distinctive and delicious. We are meticulous about the food we take on our river trips and the way we prepare it. Our produce is scrupulously fresh, selected well before it gets on a store shelf. We carry plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and a local butcher hand picks our meats and fish.

At every meal we have a vegetarian option, and we can accommodate special food requests if made well in advance. We provide a variety of beverages including coffee, tea, juices, sodas, beer a selection of premium wines and plenty of ice.

However, at the end of every summer our guides get together and talk about what could be changed or improved. Nearly every year one or two things on our menu gets removed. Some things on our menu never change. Our delicious dutch oven cakes are a crew and customer favorite and have become our staple items (of course it helps when Dick Wilkin, our long-time Middle Fork and Main Salmon guide- and also the Idaho Dutch Oven State Champion- bakes them).

Do you have an ideas for a new menu item? Do you think something should be changed? We're open for any suggestions and would love to hear your ideas. Use the comment feature to post your thoughts. Thanks!

-posted by Will Volpert

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